Joseph is available for public speaking engagements and media appears regarding on emergency and risk management, temporary mass gatherings, and his experiences working festivals such as Burning Man or other unique risk venues. Please contact Joseph if you would like to arrange for an appearance.

Some of his past speaking engagements include:

2018 Flycon
Panelist: “Getting Prepared: Creating Safe, Secure Event Spaces”

2017 FestForums
Lecturer: “Handling Mass Tragedies at Festivals”

2017 Canadian Music Week
Panelist: “Music-Lovers in a Dangerous Time: The Security Session”

2017 South By Southwest (SXSW)
Panelist: “How Do We Stop Drug Deaths at Music Festivals?”

2016 Fest Forums
Panelist: “You Can’t Fight City Hall: Festival Permitting”

2016 Canadian Music Week
Panelist: “Crisis Management: Making your festival a Safe Space”  

2015 International Music Festival Conference
Panelist: “Safety, Security and Staffing”

2014 Event Safety Summit
Speaker: “Crowd Management Practices & Principles for Large Scale Events”

2014 Malaysia Major Events Symposium
Keynote speaker: “Perspectives on Event Safety Best Practices”

2014 American Water Works Association, California/Nevada Chapter Annual Conference
Speaker: “Black Rock City Emergency Management, Severe Weather Action Plans”

2014 Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management Annual Workshop
Keynote Speaker: “Black Rock City Emergency Management”

2014 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference
Panelist: "Introduction to Risk Management"
Panelist: "Permits & Agency Relations”

2014 Resilient & Sustainable Cities Symposium
Panelist: "Regional Disaster Planning”

March 2014 UCLA School of Nursing
Guest lecturer: "Emergencies, Disasters, and Terrorism”

March 2014 Boston University Healthcare Emergency Management Program
Guest Lecturer: "Disasters, Leadership, and Temporary Mass Gatherings”

2014 Google
Speaker: "Burning Man - Emergency Management”

2013 California Emergency Services Association Annual Conference
Keynote Speaker: "Burning Man - Emergency Management in Action”

2013 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference
Panelist: "Liability and Risk Mitigation”

2011 Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Disaster Management Initiative
Keynote speaker: "On logistical and technical challenges and solutions involved with temporary communications infrastructure at Burning Man”